Saddle Storage Solutions

Our Swing-Out System

Fitting the Swing-out Unit to your trailer


Our swing out unit can fit most anywhere in 7'-6" and 8' trailers even with 60/40 rear doors. To make sure, check the area in the rear tack room  where the unit would be mounted.

Do this by looking into the trailer from the tack room door find a point on the outside wall 14 inches forward from the door. Then measure across the trailer to the collapsible wall on the right.

For the best possible fit that distance needs to be at least 32 inches. This will allow you to carry small English or barrel saddles but if you carry larger saddles like show or trail saddles that distance should be 34 inches. If you would like to add our drop down kit, you’ll need to add 2 inches to the above dimensions.


These dimensions are nominal and each trailer may vary somewhat. To view an illustration of the proper fit click the button below.