Saddle Storage Solutions

The SaddleRak Storage System

The SaddleRak System offers everything you need!

  • A large seat that holds large and small saddles in place.
  • Strategically placed breather holes to speed drying of every saddle.
  • Fully adjustable slide plates that can be used for mounting SaddleRaks.

The system can be expanded and upgraded at the factory or in the field with a complete selection of accessories. Our swing-out unit and lowering kit components are totally interchangeable offering a significant advantage.

The SaddleRak Storage System is so unique patents are under consideration.

Our SaddleRaks are made in America using the finest virgin medium density polyethylene in a rotational molding process.  

Our SaddleRak Lowering Kit with HDPE slide bearings and linear actuator

The Lowering Kit (down 24") on our swing-out unit